Hirayu hot spring where takes pride in its oldest history in depths Hida.
There is the Nakamura hotel in the breast of magnificent Norikuradake mountain.
Please thoroughly enjoy the hot spring which is rich in the self source relaxedly,
wrapped in a fragrance of soft hot spring in seasonal beautiful nature.

Hot Spring

Different space in depths hida where relaxation and a youthful spirit harmonize with the open bath which overlooks Kasagatake mountain. While each season is natural, please stretch out your hand and foot by hot water from private source which runs all the time and relax leisurely. There is also a reserved outdoor hot spring bath which can relax between the friend, by a couple and with the family.


From the Hida beef dish to the char dish which has come at a clear stream.
Please appreciate seasonal taste only in Hida like bracken,
japanese royal fern and fermented soybean paste wrapped with a leaf which are full of rural beauty.

Guest Room

The guest rooms of pure Japanese style where attentive consideration was done every one room.
Please spend time of comfortable relaxation.
In the space where a heart feels at ease with the flower of the four seasons.
There are both the flower of the garden, the flower of the mountain behind,
a flower of the roadside, the name and the flower not to know.


3 minutes on foot from hirayu bus terminal.
Hirayu hot spring Nakamura hotel
728 hirayu okuhidaonsenkyou takayama-city, gifu-prefecture
TEL +81(0) 578-89-2321
FAX +81(0) 578-89-3022



Including Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go of the world's cultural
and natural heritage which make Japanese history feel,
it's very convenient for access to Kamikochi,
Norikuradake and Shin-hodaka grand nature goes trekking and where can be enjoyed fully.